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Our suppliers can trace their origins back to 1950’s and the original conception of the modern day Greek pita. The flatbread is made in Athens and we import it directly to our shops in London.




The halloumi we serve hails from Messinia in Southern Greece and actually has another name, Talagani. Compared to traditional Cypriot halloumi, talagani has a deeper and creamier taste, with a delicate mint undertone and is handmade in small batches.




The perfect growing conditions of mountainous Karpenisi give us our aromatic oregano and thyme. Herbs are much like grapes used for wine, they require the perfect growing conditions to be the most flavourful. Mountainous and arid areas of Greece stress the plant and as a result it develops more essential oils, which is why Greek herbs are superior and more flavourful to those you find in the supermarket.



Our Dips:


Our dips - tzatziki, tyrokafteri, souvlaki sauce and melitzanosalata - are all lovingly handmade to our own recipes.


Olive Oil:


A staple of a healthy mediterranean diet, olive oil features in all our dishes. Our Olive oil is extra virgin, cold pressed and directly imported from Greece. It’s an essential ingredient for all our food - souvlaki and salads.




Kalamata, southern Greece, gives us our distinctive wine coloured olives. Kalamata is a PDO.




Our feta is from the region of Epirus in northeast Greece, where grazing for the sheep and goats that provide the milk for this cheese is rich and varied.




Dakos is a barley rusk from Crete. The brand we buy in is also from Crete. Made with barley rye they are sweeter, nuttier and crunchier than wheat rusks. 

You can compare our dakos to a bruschetta, although it contains feta cheese, and doesn’t have an overpowering taste of garlic.


ION chocolate:


Ion is the only chocolate company in Greece that has a complete cocoa and chocolate process.


Soft Drinks:


Our Greek soft drinks are similar to their international offerings like Fanta, however they are superior. They are made in much smaller batches and with natural ingredients.




In each one of our restaurants we add a retro looking wall mural. The murals are in Greek, and they are inspired by 1950’s signs in Athens. All of our shops are named after neighbourhoods of Athens, with the exception of Bristol which says “Souvlakia Special” which is a sign that could be found in retro souvlaki shops in the 1950’s around Athens.

Shoreditch: GAZI

Elephant & Castle: EXARCHIA

Bristol: Souvlakia Special


White City: ZOGRAFOU

Victoria: KOLONAKI



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Lots of exciting new restaurant openings follow, with development opportunities for everyone at The Athenian family!


We recently switched from plastic water bottles to glass, while the rest of our takeaway packaging is biodegradable. We have stopped stocking and serving plastic straws, as they are one of the most commonly found pollutants in our oceans.

Plastic is recyclable, but we think that this is not good enough. Biodegradable packaging is a sustainable alternative to recyclable types of packaging, as it simply disintegrates, having a smaller impact on the environment and the wildlife.

Our cooking oil gets collected and our selected partners turn it into Bio-Diesel. We only use LED light bulbs and prioritise partnerships with operators who supply 100% renewable energy.



1. We promote a culture of Philoxenia

2. We always follow the Athens Steps of Service

3. We focus on creating as many promoters as possible 

4. We use our initiative and gut feeling in order to deal with unusual situations

5. We make sure our customers have the right expectations 

6.   We use fearless feedback to reward colleagues and resolve unusual & uncomfortable situations with other members in the team