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The Athenian is an equal opportunities employer and operates a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, relating to the Equality Act 2010. The business has the core values of Equality, Tolerance, Transparency and Meritocracy, and expects every employee to engage with the company culture at all times.


Our equality policy protects the following characteristics:


Being married or in a civil partnership

Being pregnant or on maternity leave


Race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin

Religion, belief or lack of religion/belief


Sexual orientation

Any instances of behaviour breaching The Athenian’s equality policy will be treated as gross misconduct and appropriate action will be taken.



The Athenian defines tolerance as the willingness and ability to accept behaviour and beliefs that are different from your own.


Transparency at The Athenian is essential for a beneficial workplace culture. We are honest and straight-forward with each other.  It is a block upon which trust is built between employer and employees.


The Athenian’s working environment is entirely meritocratic and is designed to favour employees that display skill and a positive working attitude. 




We don't have a specific dress code at The Athenian. People can wear whatever they feel comfortable in, just keep in mind that getting food stains is likely. Please keep your hands free of rings or bracelets while working. Each full-time employee is provided with 2 aprons to take home and each part-time employee with one. Please keep your aprons clean, as it will be your responsibility to wash them. Don't reuse an apron for more than 2 days in a row. Upon termination of our cooperation all aprons must be returned to one of the managers.


We try to build an ongoing relationship with our customers, of course when there is enough time. You will have to deal with challenging customers and that’s where we listen, take feedback on board, offer alternatives and options. If you are unsure about something, please speak with a more senior member of the team in order to resolve potential client issues. We have to make sure that every single customer leaves our shop happy and they will come back.




Each employee is entitled to selected free food while fulfilling their shift at The Athenian. For out of working hours a personal discount of 50% applies on everything that's on our menu. A 10% discount applies for friends of our employees on the condition that the employee is present at the time of purchase.



At The Athenian we take pride in bringing the best aspects of Greek culture in the UK food industry. In this document we will go through our approach towards customer service, the Athens Steps of Service and guidance on how to deal with unusual situations.


Consumers can be classified in the following three categories:



A customer that had a memorably terrible experience that tells all their friends, family and colleagues to avoid the place they visited.




A customer that had an experience that was average, nothing out of the ordinary and nothing particularly great or terrible to tell their friends. Passives are mostly likely to completely forget about the product associated with their experience.




A customer that had such a great and memorable experience that they want to tell all their friends, family and colleagues. The best promotion for any business is word of mouth. People are much more likely to trust a friend's recommendation that an advert. Out of the three customer groups, we are only looking for Promoters. Passive customers do not add value as they will not remember, or recommend us.




Greece is known for its hospitality. People are warm, kind and always want to give you a treat or know more about you. We want to bring that culture as The Athenian's main approach to service. Philoxenia means openness, friendliness and a genuine interest towards strangers, making it the ultimate definition for the word hospitality.




It is usually the small things that make a big difference. Always put extra care whether you're on the grill or making the souvlaki wraps. The food needs to be fresh, balanced, juicy and tasty. If at any point you think some elements of food don't tick those boxes please mention it to your team and start making the wrap from scratch.


Please remember that we never use the word kebab to describe any of our food. We strongly believe that the particular word doesn't reflect our product offering, it devalues it and it is not the correct name for it. Always use the appropriate Greek names from the menu to describe our food and when customers use the wrong words find it as an opportunity to educate them in a polite and patient manner.




Acknowledge every customer 

Tell them of any menu suggestions/personal favourites you may have 

Have a chat with them, in a friendly manner: “How is your day going?”

Explain how the menu works

Notify of any changes/shortages of stock before the customer pays

Say goodbye with an invitation to return: “See you next time!” 




We promote a culture of fearless & constructive feedback across all levels. 

What is fearless feedback?

The ability to share positive or constructive feedback with colleagues. If someone is extremely helpful during a busy shift, remember to give them a pat on the back and say “Thanks so much for your help today, we couldn’t have done it without you!”. If things get a little complicated with a colleague or manager, have the courage to ask them to a quick face to face conversation and give them constructive feedback. For example: “When this happened earlier, I think it could have been managed/done in a different way in order to avoid similar situations in the future”. Constructive feedback means that you are helping your colleague improve in the future. 




The number of customers we serve is on the increase. As a result we need to make sure that every single customer leaves satisfied and happy. That's why we need to pay attention to our customers and if at any point we identify that there's something they are not sure about or could potentially cause them to have a misrepresented image of our food and service we need to step in. Please follow the steps below to resolve any unusual situations:

1. Offer the customer alternatives

2. Use your initiative and follow your gut feeling

3. Give the customer something extra at no cost

4. Identify what the customer wants as a solution

5. Offer a refund

Ultimately customers are looking to have the following:


1. Value for what they paid

2. A good product

3. A good overall experience


The most important element of the Athenian's service is managing customer expectations. As long as the customer is aware that we may have stock shortages, a longer than usual wait or anything else, they are more likely to return.


As a rule of thumb we never escalate situations to disagreements or a confrontation with our customers.


Our approach at The Athenian is to keep an optimistic outlook towards all aspects of our business. During an unusual situation we need to remember to maintain a positive intent for our customers and team members.