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  1. How do you prepare a souvlaki, a box, a salad, dakos and dips? Consistency is key

  2. Eating while working is not permitted. Please allocate time in order to enjoy an Athenian meal during your break!

  3. Smoking and phone use are only allowed during the 30 minutes break

  4. Always lead by example

  5. The Athenian trusts the leader to be the representation of the company

  6. Leaders need to be consistent with the company values and rules

  7. Always fill in the leaders report at the end of your shift. Use it as a way to communicate with the company challenges and opportunities you faced during your shift. There will be some shifts that everything goes well, but it shouldn't be the norm to fill in a blank report, as it shows lack of engagement and understanding in your responsibilities.




As in any other workplace there’s always a likelihood of misinformation that can lead to the creation of rumours. Unconfirmed rumours are an indirect form of bullying and harassment. Please do not extend unverified information that you hear from questionable sources. Please remember that when you're at work at The Athenian we expect all of you to handle situations with a mature professionalism. Perpetuating a rumour is not ethical behaviour, and it is in clear conflict to our code of conduct. As a leader, remember to lead by example in order to stop rumours at their root.



Role model: People will follow what you do, NOT what you say




1.  Spend quality time with your team

2. Use words of affirmation to give them confidence

3. Reward them - in the form or recommendation for development or annual review

4. Be affectionate - a pat on the back will go a long way


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  • The leader needs to communicate his/her vision to the people and motivate them to come along with him/her

  • Ask questions and listen for the answers

  • If the leader doesn’t feel fully connected with his/her role mission, then he/she lacks optimal motivation and this impacts on all those around him/her.

  • Empathise with your employees

  • Develop your employees strengths while taking them out of their comfort zone

  • Motivate your employees by thanking them when they do well, and helping them out when they don’t

  • Leadership is an ongoing process that involves development

  • Build a culture of new ideas - with confidence from team members to articulate any new ideas. The manager needs to be able to filter the idea and decide whether it is something that could be escalated

  • Brainstorm solutions to any challenges

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  1. Have a clear vision

  2. Know and utilise your strengths

  3. Be passionate

  4. Work in accordance with the company morals and core values

  5. Serve as a role model

  6. Set definitive goals and follow concrete action plans

  7. Maintain a positive attitude

  8. Maintain a high level of communication across all levels

  9. Be willing to to admit and learn from failures and weaknesses

  10. Continue to educate and improve yourself


The business has the core values of Equality, Tolerance, Transparency and Meritocracy, and expects every employee to engage with the company culture at all times.


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Creative Vision

Take people on board

Inspire your team

Unlock their potential  






  1. Identify the problem

  2. Understand everyone's interests

  3. List possible solutions

  4. Evaluate the options

  5. Select an option or more

  6. Document the decision and implement

  7. Evaluate and monitor



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Net Promoter Score, or NPS, measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This proven metric transformed the business world and now provides the core measurement for customer experience management programs around the world.


Promoters (score 9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others,

fuelling growth.

Passives (score 7-8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to 

competitive offerings.

Detractors (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who can damage our brand and impede 

growth through negative word-of-mouth.

NPS will be calculated via: Mystery shopper feedback, online reviews, online delivery analytics, Vend sales data, Manager’s feedback for team members, team members’ feedback for Managers, direct customer feedback, directors’ feedback.




To deal with  challenging customers follow the steps below:

  1. Remain calm

  2. Understand the person’s intentions

  3. Get some perspective from others

  4. Ask them to improve on specific areas you have identified and make sure they understand they have 2 weeks to show their improvement

  5. If little to no improvement is seen the employee needs to be given official notice

  6. Escalate to HR for the formal release of the employee




When a new team member starts they are on a 90 day probation period. During this period a supervisor or manager needs to evaluate closely the progress and skills of the newly hired employee, determine appropriate assignments, and monitor other aspects of the employee such as honesty, reliability, and interactions with co-workers, supervisors and customers.


The probationary period also allows The Athenian to evaluate new employees and potentially terminate an employee who is not doing well at their job or is otherwise deemed not suitable for their position.


In order to evaluate a new team member please look out for the following:


1. Coming late to work. A new team member arrive late more than 3 times will have to be given a formal 1 week's notice for termination of their contract

2. Being proactive

3. Learning fast

4. Being reliable

5. Honesty

6. Communication and interaction with colleagues and supervisors

7. Keeping a positive outlook towards the company and the customers

8. Being efficient and eager to work/help with any situation

9. Delivering a high level of customer service

10. Attention to detail when grilling or serving food. The team member needs to make sure the meat is fully cooked and the food looks tidy and beautiful

11. Leaving early. Unless the new team member has fallen ill or felling unwell they cannot leave their shift because they got tired, bored etc. However, If we're not busy in one of our locations we can ask one team member to leave in order to cut costs

12. Being able to cooperate




As a leader in your team you will be the allocated line manager for specific team members. Other than being able to support your team you will be required to go through the annual review process with them. Follow the steps below in order to do so:


1. Request feedback from Supervisors and Assistant Managers.


2. Email your team members to do a self evaluation against the 5 company values 



Attention to detail

How you are as a person - are you humble, open, fun and friendly

How quickly you can think on your feet, problem solve

Do you follow the ATHENS steps of service - how’s your overall customer service


You need to ask for examples and evidence for self evaluation like customer feedback and also feedback from other peers. 


3. The line manager with the help of the Supervisor and Assistant Manager looks at the above and presents a tentative score of 1-5


1: Off Track - Needs help/improvement

2: More to do - Doesn't meet all the expectations

3: On track - Meets expectations

4: Ahead of the game - Goes above expectations

5: Game changer - Consistently goes above expectations




  1. Understand the company’s expectations

  2. Reward your employees in order to motivate them when they do well and support them when they need help

  3. Empathise with your employees and give them options for development

  4. Have a clear vision about your role and your location

  5. Maintain a positive attitude

  6. Be a role model for others to follow

  7. Work in accordance with the company morals and core values

  8. Follow the 7 steps for problem solving

  9. Deliver a high NPS

  10. Evaluate and review your team

Steps to success

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