Handmade Loukoumades

It's been a while since the last time we made Loukoumades, in fact it was spring 2017! Now that we finally have a big kitchen at our spacious restaurant in White City Place, we decided to host a weekend with handmade Loukoumades. We made the dough to our own secret recipe and we made the little golden donut balls by hand all day!


We served Loukoumades with honey and cinnamon, as well a modern yet incredibly delicious Athenian version with hazelnut praline to be accompanied by either Buffalo Greek Frozen Yoghurt and Buffalo Kaimaki Ice Cream. Kaimaki contains a very unique ingredient called Mastiha, which originates from the Mastiha trees of the island of Chios. Efthymios used to spend his childhood summers on the island of Chios as his father comes from there, and he used to collect the gum from the Mastiha trees! Mastiha has a rather unique flavour and it's now used in products like chewing gums, desserts and even natural beauty and health products all over Greece! The Mastiha tree is only found on the island of Chios, indeed nowhere else on the entire planet! Our Loukoumades event was so popular, who knows we may decide to host it again in the future!  


Greek craft beer

As summer temperatures kept rising, we thought what a better way to celebrate than to host a Greek Craft Beer weekend at our restaurant in White City Place! In recent years Greece has seen literally an explosion of start-ups of Microbreweries all over the country but in particular its sun drenched beautiful islands. Most of these breweries have limited production and are rare to find in Greece, let alone outside of Greece! 


We worked closely with some of these Microbreweries in order to import small batches specifically for our restaurant in White City Place, west London. We introduced beers from the island of Chios, the city of Volos in central Greece along with the classic and widely recognised Fix Lager and Fix dark. 


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